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Become a Foster Parent - Temporarily Unable to Bring on New Fosters

July 1, 2017 UPDATE - Please note that we are unable to bring on new foster homes at this time. If you're interested in fostering in the Richmond area, please consider applying with Richmond Animal League (RAL) or Animal Adoption and Rescue Foundation (AARF).

Please note that, due to our vet resources and adoption outings, foster homes must be located in the metro Richmond  area.

If you are unsure about adoption or simply want to help a homeless dog in need, you may want to consider fostering. Fostering is an incredibly rewarding experience for both the foster parent and the foster dog.

As a foster parent, you get to see your foster dog blossom and reveal his or her true personality once he or she is comfortable in your home. You may see a shy dog come out of his or her shell, or a depressed dog develop into a friendly, happy, and social companion. You learn your foster dog's likes, dislikes, and habits, which helps our adoption team identify the type of home that would best suit his or her individual needs.

In turn, your foster dog learns important skills (e.g., basic commands, crate training, house manners, essential socialization) that will help him or her transition more easily into a loving, forever home.

Volunteers who are interested in becoming foster parents are asked to complete an extensive application due to the fact that BARK dogs will leave the kennel premises and entrusted to the care of the foster parent.

Dogs listed with "Foster" after their names are currently in wonderful foster homes. Almost all of the remaining dogs would greatly benefit from the companionship, love, and attention that a foster home provides. Ideally, we are looking for foster homes that can commit to keeping a foster dog until he or she finds the perfect home, and not a short term foster home. 

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