Happy Tails


Happy Tails

Every month BARK checks in with our adopters to see how things are going. Below are just a few of the comments we’ve received. If you’d like to read more comments, view our latest newsletter!



We adopted Tanner 4 ½ years ago from BARK right after we got married (his name was Rafe and he was part of about 6 hound dog puppies that were being fostered). We already had Tiki who was getting older and wanted to get him a friend. They are hilarious together (photo attached of the two boys and a couple of just Tanner)!

Tanner is a big spoiled baby that loves to cuddle and run around in the backyard. He’s our goofy boy that is still so entertaining, we can’t imagine our lives without him. We’re about to welcome our first baby into the house and can’t wait for Tanner to be around his new little brother. We know he will be great, probably just lots of licks and wanting to cuddle even more! - Megan



Can I just take a moment and tell you how amazing Smitty is? He is a gentleman for sure. He walks wonderfully on a leash and is not startled easy. We had many children around him petting him and he was loving it.

The meeting with him and my 1yr old kitty Ozzie was so funny! Ozzie puffed up and took a few swipes at Smit, but retreated to the upstairs…Smitty wanted nothing to do with him, no aggression at all from him. I’m sure they’ll be best buds like my other dog was with Oz…time will tell.

He is good with all people, laid back, but loves to go on long walks and doesn’t tire. I think this was absolutely the right dog for us. No matter the challenges we may face (if any), we will always give this loving boy a loving home. Thanks for rooting for him, you and your team are his biggest fans.



Dietrich (formally known as Linus) has adjusted well to his new home! Once we learned that he likes to be able to look out the windows when the house is empty rather than being crated, his new grandpa built him a fancy window bed. It’s a favorite spot for Dietrich. Dietrich love taking walks to the park, and loves visiting with other dogs and kids. He’s always ready for them to give him an extra belly rub. Dietrich loves nothing more than when mom comes home from work- he jumps and licks and loves to make sure you know he is happy you’re home. Life is good with this sweet, snuggly dog. - Kristen


BrandoMy girlfriend and I have been volunteering at BARK for about 6 months now. Our love affair with Brando began almost immediately when we started volunteering. The first two things about Brando that stuck out to me were his enormous head and mild demeanor.

While most of the other dogs barked constantly, Brando patiently waited for you to approach him before he got riled up and ready for a walk. I mention the size of Brando's head because when he is happy, you can see a toothy smile erupt across his whole face. This smile, punctuated by his spotted tongue, could make anyone's heart melt. The biggest smiles come when he is let free to run to his heart's content or when he is snuggled up on top of my fluffy bed comforter.

Brando was with BARK for about 2 years, and I have no idea how I was lucky enough to end up with him. It's a testament to BARK that Brando does not show the typical behaviors of a long term "shelter" dog. He has been with me for a month now and already considers my bed his bed, my food his food, and my car his car. I grew up with some great dogs at my family's house, and Brando is poised to be just as special, if not more, than all of them. He is calm in large groups of people, loves to ride anywhere with me in the car, and is 100% a cuddle monster. For all the people who took care of Brando over those two years at BARK, I say THANK YOU! You did a wonderful job. - Houston