Special Dogs


Special Dogs to Adopt from BARK


BARK dogs come in all ages, shapes and sizes. Some find homes quickly, especially the very young or very small—or the breed du jour. Others wait patiently for someone to see how special and lovable they are. Please take a look at our special dogs—they are all diamonds in the rough waiting to be loved.

Black Dogs

Black dogs are often overlooked in shelters. Perhaps it’s because in folk lore black dogs are dangerous and mean, spooky and ghostly. Perhaps because black dogs are so “ordinary,” it’s hard for a black dog to stand out from the others. Or, maybe because black is often associated with depression or depressing things, adopters subconsciously steer away from black funk, black cloud...Whatever the case, there is NO reason to shy away from BARK’s black dogs. Black dogs like Bart, Grace, Jasper, Michael, Recon, and Zarlena are fabulous pets just waiting to be discovered.

Oldie's but Goldie's Program

The BARK "Oldie's but Goldie's" program was started by some very dedicated volunteers who recognize that some of our dogs continue to get overlooked by potential adopters. This program is intended to help these dogs get more exposure to the public. That way folks can see just how wonderful they really are. Being an "Oldies" member does not mean they are old, it simply means they have been waiting for over a year to find their forever home. We have dogs in the kennels: Barnabus, Bart, Cash, Clarice, Duke, Flora, Haley, .. We have dogs in foster homes: Casanova, Clarice, Diamond, Harriet, Jeffrey, Kimmie, Lady 3, Lewis, and Rex.


Hounds come in so many breeds—beagles, coonhounds, Walker hounds, and bloodhounds to name a few. The common denominator in all these breeds is a sweet disposition and an easygoing nature. Hounds make wonderful pets. Most get along well with kids and other dogs. If you are looking for a loyal, fun loving family pet or a faithful companion, take a look at BARK's vast selection of hounds.  Ace 2, Cora Beth, Corin, Ike, Jasper, Jim Bob, Johnny, Lewis, Milton, Smiley, and Willow would love to go home with you.

Big Dogs

If you are hesitant to adopt a big dog, here are a few things to think about: Big dogs are often more mellow than smaller dogs. Big dogs offer protection based on looks alone. Big dogs are easier for older people to reach down to pet. Big dogs have deeper voices. Big dogs often need less exercise than small breeds, making them better pets in small spaces. Big dogs are less likely to be threatened by the pint sized people occupying your house. Big dogs can take the “rough love” doled out by children. Last but not least: Big dogs are guy (and girl) magnets! If this list has piqued your interest, take a look at some of our wonderful, super-sized dogs like Casanova, Grace, Jasper.


Some dogs, such as Mya and Sakari, Princess and Red 2; bond so strongly with each other they really need to be adopted together. It's clear evidence of their ability to love. Other dogs don’t necessarily need each other, but are great friends who would love to be adopted together if you’re looking for a pair. If you have room in your home and your heart for a special duo, please consider one of these featured pairs. You’ll be glad you did!

Extra TLC

We have several great dogs who just need some extra TLC to bring out their best. Dogs like Cora BethHarriet, and Johnny would flourish in a home with another dog to help them gain some confidence! And Rowdy 2 would love a home with someone who is home most of the day (or could visit mid-day)!


Everyone hates to see an older dog without a home. Older dogs are so wise, so mellow, and most of all, so appreciative for whatever they get. They all deserve to live out their senior years in the comfort of a home, surrounded by people who love them. Right? Well, take a look at seniors Casanova, Diamond, Flora, Haley, Jeffrey, Lady 3, Lewis, Meghan, Mimi, Mya, Rex, Sakari, Stacy, and Walker. They are all beautiful dogs who still have a lot to give.