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The Hope Fund


The HOPE Fund

In February of 2007, BARK founded The HOPE Fund. Little Hope was a 6-month old puppy who had been abused by a man for her entire life. Even after all the little dog had been through, she still licked any human hand that offered her love and kindness. Unfortunately, the abuse that she suffered prior to coming to BARK was too much for her and she passed away quietly and peacefully while under veterinary care. 

We all loved HOPE and honor her courage and memory through The HOPE Fund. BARK has hope for all the dogs in the world. Not only does BARK rescue dogs in danger of being euthanized, we also use donations to help dogs like little Hope. Many, many dogs recover fully from truly horrible beginnings and go on to find loving homes and live long, wonderful lives.
Please consider making a donation to help a dog start a new life. Donations to The HOPE Fund will be used to help dogs with specific & extensive needs.

Recent Recipient

Emma (Foster)A recent recipient of the Hope Fund is Emma, a gorgeous 2-year old, purebred German Shepherd. After a few short weeks with BARK, Emma was rushed to the emergency vet when volunteers were concerned that she wasn’t her normal, playful self. It was determined that Emma was in kidney failure and suffering from a severe kidney infection. After a variety of tests, the cause of Emma’s kidney infection and subsequent kidney failure was still undetermined, but remaining in ICU was essential to saving her life. After more than a week at the emergency vet, Emma was transferred to the care of a non-emergency vet where she continued her treatment and recovery. Emma was incredibly fortunate and was able to recover from her illness in a foster home and has since found a loving, forever home of her own! Please help BARK provide lifesaving care to other dogs like Emma by making a donation today!